Carpenter's institution - Zygmunt and Krzysztof Kwidzinscy it has existed for 1961 year.

We execute   the pieces of furniture with all the Polish trees' species and exotic. We execute custom the pieces of furniture
and dimension (general woodwork). We offer to customer assembly as well as delivery also. We specialise in in production: the stairs, kitchen pieces of furniture of, buildings, the external doors and internal ( the plywood).

Institution hires staff four in this three masters and seven pupils. He from time formations trained seventy pupils. We testify for customer professional service and advice. We are solid firm, conscientious and arising with contracts.

Zakład Stolarski - Meble na zamówienie - Usługi Stolarskie
Zygmunt i Krzysztof Kwidzińscy
Ul. Ł±kowa 5
Województwo Pomorskie
Tel. (058) 681 - 34 - 10
Tel. 0 - 604 - 238 - 386

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